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Acid Pro-Zyme

Support your stomach health and nutrient absorption with Acid ProZyme!

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Improving stomach acid production is one of the biggest factors in improving someone’s health. This supplement provides the key nutrients, supportive enzymes and bile and bitter carminative herbs to create the proper environment for hydrochloric acid production.- Dr. Jockers

I have been struggling with my stomach issues since I had covid in 2021 - unable to eat much of anything and lost over 20 lbs. While looking at Pinterest I found Dr Jockers which then introduced me to Acid ProZyme. Since taking this enzyme I have been able to eat and digest better. It has helped me feel better and head towards recovery. I recommend this enzyme to anyone who has an acid deficiency. - Shelly

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Our digestive tract is one of the key interfaces between the external environment and our blood stream. Much of our perception of our environment comes by the way of our digestive tract.   When the digestive tract is damaged it produces rampant inflammation and stress throughout the entire body.

Poor digestion is more the rule than the exception in our society. Our culture doesn’t prioritize the time and energy our digestive system to needs to optimally process the food we consume. We often eat multiple meals a day including very large meals with foods that do not digest well together. We eat on the go, deal with stressful activities while eating or shortly after and consume toxic irritants on a regular basis.

Good Digestion Begins in the Stomach:

Hydrochloric acid is necessary for creating an acidic environment in the stomach to digest protein and ionize minerals.  This also helps to stimulate bile release from the gallbladder to effectively metabolize fat in the small intestine.  Without these key functions working optimally we become at risk for anemia, thyroid problems, osteoporosis and auto-immunity (1,2,3).

Low stomach acid in a very common problem especially in older individuals or those who have suffered from various infections like H Pylori, been on anti-biotics and other medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (4, 5, 6). Low stomach acid sets the stage for damage to the delicate lining of the digestive tract.

Symptoms Associated with Low Stomach Acid:

Importance of Healthy Stomach Acid:

When you have low stomach acid you are unable to effectively breakdown protein in the stomach. This allows very large proteins to get into the small intestine and creates major stress on the pancreas to produce enough enzymes to metabolize the proteins.

This ultimately wears out the pancreatic enzyme stores and creates stress and irritation throughout the gut. It also leads to insufficient absorption and utilization of key amino acids that make up the protein molecules (7)

Large proteins and incomplete digestion can cause irritate the lining of the intestinal wall and trigger auto-immune activity in different regions of the body. Improper protein digestion also leads to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, fuels Candida and other parasites. It also creates an acidic blood stream and depletes minerals throughout the body. Mineral depletion leads to the inability to form stomach acid and the vicious cycle continues.

Vicious Cycle of Low Stomach Acid:


Introducing Acid Pro-Zyme:

Acid Pro-Zyme provides a variety of health-supportive factors. L-glutamic acid, betaine HCl, and pepsin, a proteolytic enzyme, which assist in protein digestion. Gentian root, an herbal bitter, promotes normal secretion of saliva and gastric acid for digestive support. HCl(hydrochloric acid) supports nutrient absorption and help maintain a healthy gastric pH, which, in turn, can support healthy gastric ecology.

Support of natural gastric secretions and acidity helps support normal digestion, absorption, and immune health.[8] Maintaining an acidic pH in the stomach helps support normal gastric and intestinal flora as well.*[9,10]

Betaine HCL:
This is the best form of supplemental hydrocholoric acid for improved digestion (11). Betaine HCl, the acidic form of betaine, has traditionally been used to support digestion and absorption due to its ability to lower gastric pH.*(12)

Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl) Betaine (also known as trimethylglycine) is a natural substance found in foods such as beets and spinach. Research suggests that betaine supports cell health by acting as a methyl donor, and this, in turn, supports healthy methionine, homocysteine, and hepatic fat metabolism. Betaine also functions as an osmolyte, which supports the integrity of cells and proteins during fluctuations in hydration, salinity, and temperature.

This is a very important proteolytic enzyme that should always accompany any Hydrochloric acid supplement. Pepsin is the only major digestive enzyme in the stomach is dependent upon Hydrochloric acid production. If one is not producing enough hydrochloric acid the stomach will not secrete pepsin which will further hamper protein digestion. This is extremely common as people age.

Porcine pepsin, in addition to betaine HCl, is provided in Acid Pro-Zyme with the goal of promoting more endogenous pepsin production.*[13]

L-Glutamic Acid:
L- Glutamic Acid This amino acid can be obtained from dietary protein or synthesized endogenously from other amino acids, such as glutamine. L- glutamic acid is used in GastrAcid as an acidifying agent.

Gentian Root:
This herb helps to soothe and heal an irritated stomach and intestinal lining and naturally stimulate the flow of stomach acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes for optimal digestion. The active ingredients in the root include the bitter glycosides gentiopicrin and amarogentin. These digestive bitters provide the digestive system with the full array of nutrients for proper function.

People with low stomach acid have irritated stomach and intestinal linings. It is important to not only support the stomach acid production process but also provide key nutrients to support the healing process of the entire digestive system.   These nutrients also stimulate proper mucous secretions to protect the sensitive stomach and intestinal linings.

Due to the stimulant effect that gentian root has on endogenous production of HCl, individuals may be able to discontinue Acid Pro-Zyme after a period of use.[14, 15]

 Recommended Use:

Acid Pro-Zyme is formulated with a variety of compounds and is designed to support gastric acidity, digestion, and normal gastrointestinal flora. Acid Pro-Zyme should be taken with, or immediately following a meal. Do not use if there is a prior history of, or a current complaint of, a peptic or duodenal ulcer.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Shelly Lubratich
Helpful in digestion

I have been struggling with my stomach issues since I had covid in 2021. Unable to eat much of anything and lost over 20 lbs.
While looking at Pinterest I found Dr Jockers which then introduced me to Acid ProZyme. Since taking this enzyme I have been able to eat and digest better. It has helped me feel better and head towards recovery. I recommend this enzyme to anyone who has an acid deficiency.

Works great

No gall bladder so when I eat a heavy protein meal I need some help with digestion.

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