Super Immunity Pack
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Super Immunity Pack

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We are exposed to trillions of immune challenges every day. From toxic debris to pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites our immune system must be on alert at all times to prevent infection. It is quite remarkable if you truly consider how many challenges your body is faced with each day.

Overtime however, if we aren’t supporting our immune system, we will be over stressed and susceptible to developing a cold, flu or infection. It is critical that we honor our bodies and provide the necessary rest and nutrients the immune system needs in order to properly protect, heal and repair.


Powerful Immune Support Supplements:

Our immune system does a remarkable job of defending us against disease-causing microorganisms.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is overrun by too much stress and too many microbes.  Taking key supplemental nutrients can provide a major advantage for the immune system and allow it to effectively fend off larger amounts of stress and microbial debris.

Here are some key supplements to strengthen the integrity of the immune system.


Pro EFA Oil by Nordic NaturalsORPro EFA Soft Gels by Nordic Naturals 1000mg

ProEFA Omega 3 Fish Oil or Capsules:
High quality omega 3 fatty acids and GLA are crucial building blocks for a healthy cell membrane.  Additionally, omega 3 fatty acids and GLA reduce inflammation and thus improve cell membrane stability. The combination has a powerful effect on improving overall health. This is absolutely KEY for strengthening the immune system.

Normal Protocol: Take 1 tsp or 2 caps with food – 1x daily
Advanced Protocol: Take 1-4 tbsp or 6-12 caps daily with food or as directed by your health care practicioner.


Transfer Point 500mg Beta Glucan with capsules Shown

Beta Glucan:
Beta glucan is a powerful immune stimulating compound found in several mushrooms, yeasts and other foods.  Beta glucan is a polysaccharide that is made up of multiple sugar molecules linked together.  The major beta glucan molecule is called 1,3-D glucan.

Beta glucan also helps boost Secratory IgA (sIgA) which is the immune defense that lives within the mucosal membranes of the body. Good sIgA levels are critical for the prevention of sinus infections, seasonal allergies, leaky gut syndrome, parasites, yeast overgrowth or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Normal Protocol: 500 mg – 1x daily
Advanced Protocol: 1000 mg – 1-2x daily or as directed by your health care practicioner.


Perfect Food® Alkalizer & Detoxifier

Greens Powder: Alkalize & Detoxify:
Perfect Food RAW Alkalizer & Detoxifier is the perfect RAW organic green super food complement to support your body’s daily balancing act; promoting healthy elimination of toxins and supporting your body’s own ability to maintain its ideal pH balance.

Normal Protocol: Take 1 scoop daily in water or shake.
Advanced Protocol: Take 2+ scoops daily in water or shake or as directed by your health care practitioner.


ProbioCharge - 100 Billion CFU

ProbioCharge 100 Billion:
Good health begins with the health of your gut.  If your gut is damaged or you have an abundance of pathogenic microorganisms it is impossible to be healthy.  The gut must be addressed daily in order for one to live a lifestyle that builds health.

This product packs 100 Billion CFU’s to strengthen your gut and improve your immune defense.

Normal Protocol: Take 1 capsule daily with or without food
Advanced Protocol: Take 1 capsule – 2x per day with or without food or as directed by your health care practicioner.


D3/K2 Power

Vitamin D3/K2:
Vitamin D more resembles a hormone than vitamin by function.  Hormones are chemical messengers that interact with cell receptors to produce specific biological responses. Calcitriol, the active form of Vitamin D, is arguably the most powerful hormone in the body. It has the ability to activate over 1,000 genes which is roughly 5-10% of the human genome.

Vitamin D has been shown to suppress most elements of the adaptive (inflammatory mediated) immune system while inducing most elements of the innate immune system. Thus, D3 prevents and effectively treats autoimmune diseases by suppressing adaptive immunity while enhancing the first line of defense against invading microorganisms by strengthening innate immunity.

Normal Protocol: Take 1 cap daily with food
Advanced Protocol: Take 2 caps daily with food for 30 days and then move to 1 cap daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.


Allergy Defense

Allergy Defense:
Allergy Defense provides fast-acting, natural support for hypersensitivity reactions, including watery, itchy eyes and runny nose, as well as other manifestations of histamine release.

The bioflavonoids in this product help to strengthen and support the immune system in order to prevent the development of colds, fevers and flu’s.

Normal Protocol: 2 caps daily with or without food
Advanced Protocol: 2 caps – 2x daily with or without food or as directed by your health care practitioner.

*It is always strongly advised to consult with your medical or natural health physician before beginning any supplements.*


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