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Organic Supergreens

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Organic Supergreens


Nearly every major health organization recommends eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day to maintain health. Yet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, less than nine percent of American adults consume the recommended number of servings (1)

One way to make sure you are receiving the nutritional benefits of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables is through organic green food supplementation.

The Life Giving Power of Super Greens:

One of the most powerful life-giving substances on the planet is chlorophyll. This is the pigment that gives green foods their color.  Chlorophyll is the major player in the photosynthetic process which allows plants to obtain energy from light by converting the sun’s rays into chemical energy.
The chlorophyll content of a food is a major indicator of the health attributes of any given plant based food.  Chlorophyll rich foods have a very deep green and are extraordinarily useful in building new blood cells and purifying the body from abnormal cell growth and radiationChlorophyll also assists in wound healing, intestinal regularity, detoxification, and deodorization of the body (2, 3).

Greens are Alkalizing:

Chlorophyll rich greens also have an alkalizing effect on the body.  The acid/alkaline balance has to do with the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen.  The more hydrogen = more acidic.  The more oxygen = more alkaline.

Our blood stream is designed to be in a slightly alkaline state of 7.365.   Stress, environmental toxins and poor diet increase the hydrogen production and put us in a more acidic state.  When our physiology gets stuck in this acidic state, we lose energy and develop chronic diseases.

The best way to balance this delicate pH level out is to reduce stress and toxin exposure and consume more chlorophyll and oxygen rich foods and herbs.   



Chlorophyll Purifies the BloodStream:

Green foods have a strong impact on the quality & purity of our bloodstream.  Chlorophyll has been called “green blood” due to its similarity to the oxygen carrying molecule in blood; hemoglobin.  The foundation for both of these is a structure called a porphyrin ring. 

The only major difference between the two is the binding mineral in the center of the ring.  Chlorophyll is built around magnesium while hemoglobin is built around iron (4).


The Key Ingredients Within Organic SuperGreens Include:

Organic Green Juice Blend:  Oat Grass and Alfalfa Grass Juice

Organic Alkalizer and Detoxifying Blend:  Cracked-Wall Chlorella, Ginger, Spinach, Kale, Turmeric, Spirulina, Beet, Carrot

Organic Fermented Botanicals:  Fermented Astragalus, Fermented Ashwagandha, Fermented Ginger, Fermented Holy Basil, Fermented Turmeric, Fermented Chia Seed Sprout, Fermented Canihua Seed Sprout, Fermented Hemp Seed Sprout, Fermented Pumpkin Seed Sprout, Fermented Broccoli Seed Sprout, Fermented Milk Thistle Seed Sprout, Fermented Mung Bean Sprout, Fermented Pea Sprout, Ground Flaxseed 

Organic Fruit, Veggie and Anti-Oxidant Blend:  Noni Juice, Pomegranate, Wild Blueberry, Acai, Elderberry and Goji

Raw Probiotic & Enzyme Blend:  Bacillus Clausii, Bacillus subtilis, cellulase complex, xylanase, hemicellulose, pectinase, phytase, beta-glucanase.


Why I Use This Greens Powder:

  • Maximize My Nutrition:  There are many days where I am not able to consume five to nine servings of fruits and veggies.  The greens provides extra nutritional insurance to ensure that I am getting the proper nutrients into my system.
  • Alkalizing my Body: The proper pH balance in the body is a critical marker in overall health.  An acidic pH develops when we are under stress and when we eat a diet higher in carbohydrates or protein.  Nothing alkalizes the body as quickly as a serving of this green superfood. 
  • Detoxification: The average person living in a Westernized society is coming into contact with hundreds of hazardous toxins every day.  Being intentional about consuming natural agents that enhance our body’s detoxification process is critical to health in the 21st 
  • Digestive Support: Most people are not consuming enough probiotics and digestive enzymes in their typical diet.  The greens powder is rich in these vital digestive support agents and will improve overall digestion and nutrient assimilation.  It also contains ginger and turmeric which improve liver function and bile secretion.
  • Energy & Mental Clarity: This greens powder provides key B vitamins, magnesium and the alkalizing effect that dramatically improves energy and mental clarity for optimal performance and maximal production.  I depend upon high energy and great mental clarity for the demands I have on my life and this is a go-to product to keep me full of life!


Why Organic SuperGreens

This is the perfect RAW organic green super food complement to support your body’s daily balancing act; promoting healthy elimination of toxins and supporting your body’s own ability to maintain its ideal pH balance.

Organic Supergreens is the perfect RAW organic green super food complement to support your body’s daily balancing act; promoting healthy elimination of toxins and supporting your body’s own ability to maintain its ideal pH balance.

Vegan • Certified Organic • Dairy Free • Soy Free • Live Probiotics and Enzymes • No Whole Grass Fillers  
No Added Sugars • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners • No Preservatives

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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