Querc-C Powder
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Querc-C Powder Querc-C Powder

Querc-C Powder

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Why Does Dr. Jockers Like This Product?

Quercetin is a polyphenol flavonol that has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antimicrobial and immune supportive benefits.  The combination of quercetin with vitamin C creates a synergistic benefit for the immune system and is very effective at reducing histamine intolerance and balancing the immune system.  


Querc-C Powder contains a powerful blend of antioxidants Vitamin C and Quercetin to reduce inflammation and regulate histamine levels.

Long been called the king of flavonoids,quercetinis shown to defend against mast cell and basophils. Its therapeutic is shown to provide anti-carcinogenic benefits to various different cancers. The effect of quercetin has been shown to suppress the mutant P53 gene, inhibit leukemic T-cell growth, and prevent against oxidative damage.

Vitamin C supports the immune response and boosts the antioxidant potential of quercetin in the body. Without adequate levels of vitamin C, the body is poorly equipped to defend an attack against pathogens and consequently results in increase oxidative stress and weakened immunity.

Benefits of Querc-C Powder:

Querc-C Powder works as a natural anti-histamine to manage allergies, gut inflammation, and inflammation while providing neuroprotective benefits.

  • Works in synergy to increase antioxidant bioavailability
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Regulates histamine levels
  • Supports overall immune health

Quer-C Powder

I use this product to help down regulate the histamine response quickly.  Many individuals have extreme sensitivities and histamine issues and need a quick response product.  This product is my go to for these conditions.


Dissolve 1 gram (approx. 1/4 teaspoon) in liquid and take daily with a meal, or as directed by your health care practitioner.


  • Querc-C Powder is made from non-GMO ingredients.
  • Does not contain gluten.
  • This is a natural product that may exhibit color‚ taste and density variations from lot to lot.
  • Recommended storage at room temperature.


100% Secure Payments & Shipping 100% Secure
Payments & Shipping
60 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee 60 Day No-Hassle
Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping On Orders $49 & Up Free Shipping
On Orders $49 & Up
All Supplements are Gluten-Free & GMO-Free All Supplements are
Gluten-Free & GMO-Free