Cellular Energy Support Pack
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Cellular Energy Support Pack Cellular Energy Support Pack Cellular Energy Support Pack Cellular Energy Support Pack Cellular Energy Support Pack

Cellular Energy Support Pack

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Cellular Energy Support Pack

The Cellular Energy Support Pack

When the cells are overwhelmed by stress, infections, toxins and trauma they are unable to produce adequate cellular energy.  Low cellular energy production leads to fatigue, pain, brain fog, mood issues, aging skin and so much more. 

The Cellular Energy Support Pack is designed to provide a rich array of critical nutrients that help to stabilize the cell and reinvigorate cellular energy production. 

If you are struggling with low energy levels, brain fog or post viral fatigue and sluggishness than these supplements will help you get back in balance and have the energy and mental stamina you need to thrive. 

The key nutrients and compounds used in this pack include clinically effective doses of the following:

Vitamin D3            Zinc                       Vitamin C                        Coenzyme Q10

Resveratrol            Quercetin               N-Acetyl Cysteine           Magnesium

Vitamin K2            Chromium             Selenium                          B Vitamins

Fulvic Acids          Vitamin A              Amino Acids                   Trace Minerals


Cellular Energy Optimization vs Cellular Defense

The mitochondria within the cells are the energy powerhouses and they both produce the energy within the cell, and they act as cellular sensors and can alter their function based around the stress, pathogens and toxins in the cellular environment. 

We are constantly exposed to pathogens, stressors and toxins and our cells are adapting through defense mechanisms and getting back to a state of homeostasis or balance. 

Your cells want to thrive but if they are overloaded with toxins, stressors and pathogens, they are unable to adapt effectively!

The mitochondria have 2 major phases:  Cellular Energy Optimization and Cellular Defense. 

When toxins and infection build up within the cell, the mitochondria turn into cellular defense mode, and they shut down energy production and turn up the production of free radicals and oxidative stress to help defend the cell. 

This is a healthy response in the short-term but when the cell gets stuck in defense mode, it ramps up system wide inflammation and the cells are unable to produce the energy needed for us to feel good and thrive.

To turn off cellular defense mode and turn on cellular energy optimization, we need to do our best to follow a healthy lifestyle, optimize sleep and circadian rhythm, and flood the body with key immune and mitochondrial support nutrients.

Key Products in the Cellular Energy Support Pack

The 4 products we have in this pack are Immunocharge, Bioactive Carbon Minerals, High Energy Support and Super CoQ10.  These supplements flood the body with nutrients and compounds that are needed for mitochondrial energy production. 

We recommend beginning with the normal dosage and only increase your dosage if you are instructed by one of our functional health coaches or your physician or functional health coach who is helping you on your health journey.


Immunocharge:  This is specifically designed to provide you with optimal dosages of the key immune modulating nutrients and compounds.  The synergy of these key nutrients and compounds can help strengthen immune function and lower inflammation.

In one serving of Immunocharge you will get the clinically studied dosages of 500 mg of quercetin, 200 mg resveratrol, 5,000 IU of vitamin D, 500 mcg of vitamin A, 100 mcg of selenium, 25 mg of zinc, 500 mg of vitamin C, 600 mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine, 90 mcg of vitamin K2 and 100 mg of magnesium.  

These ingredients support the body's natural immune mechanism to help maintain good health.  Rather than taking multiple different supplements to get these key nutrients, you can get the clinical dosages within 4 capsules daily of Immunocharge. 

Normal Dosage:  Take 2 capsules, 2 times daily with meals for optimal absorption, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Advanced Dosage:  Take 3-4 capsules, 2 times daily with meals for optimal absorption, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


CT-Minerals:  This product contains naturally occurring, highly refined and naturally chelated extracts of Fulvic Acid.  In addition to containing over 70 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace element minerals, it contains twelve amino acids in an unaltered ionic solution.

The heart of CT-Minerals is the naturally occurring, highly refined and naturally chelated extracts of Fulvic Acid. This means ultra-small-sized and ultra-low-molecular-weight 100% organically complexed nano-sized negatively charged ionic molecules which can penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily. Because of these unique properties, this supplement is highly bioactive and can provide numerous biochemical and metabolic detoxification functions.

Recommended Dosage: 1 cap, once daily

Advanced Dosage: 1-2 caps, twice daily



High Energy Support: A specially designed multi-vitamin that helps to balance blood sugar and provide key nutrients the body needs to deal with stress.

This multi-vitamin uses the most bioavailable forms with the highest absorbability based on clinical data.  This includes pre-activated B vitamins such as methyl-folate, methyl-B12, P-5P, etc. 

The mineral chromium is called glucose tolerance factor and it is an essential dietary agent that potentiates the action of insulin and regulates blood glucose metabolism.  High Energy Support has 250 mcg of chromium, which is a large dose of this key mineral and thus it helps create post meal blood sugar stability. 

This high quality, bioavailable multi-vitamin formulation is designed to improve daily energy levels, stabilize blood sugar and improve detoxification pathways.  Additionally, it protects the body from oxidative stress and supports a healthy mood and mental clarity. 

This product is great at helping balance blood sugar levels and help lower post meal insulin spikes that inflame the body and disrupt normal hormonal function.

Normal Dosage:  1 cap with each meal

Advanced Dosage:  2 caps with each meal


Super CoQ10 This product features a unique combination of ubiquinol and geranylgeraniol (GG), two physiologically essential molecules with complementary and synergistic actions. GG complements the actions of ubiquinol due to its unique ability to boost endogenous coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) synthesis and efficient cellular permeability.

All cellular energy production is dependent on the creation of CoQ10. When young, levels are high because the body knows it is a valuable antioxidant that serves growth and energy production.

As we get older, the production of this critical antioxidant declines, and we do not get its protective benefits. Common signs that CoQ10 is low include wrinkled skin, poor energy levels, cardiovascular problems, and vision problems.

One capsule contains 200 mg of highly bioavailable ubiquinol and 125 mg of GG. 

Normal Dosage:  1 cap, 2 times daily with meals

Advanced Dosage:  1-2 caps – 2 times daily with meals




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