The Super Brain Program
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The Super Brain Program

This digital program uses a ketogenic diet along with neurobic exercises and advanced strategies to balance neurotransmitters. This is perfect for anyone looking for higher level brain performance as well as individuals who want to overcome age related mental decline, depression and anxiety. Scroll down to learn more about the The Super Brain Program.

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The Super Brain Program


What You Get with This Program


The Super Brain Quickstart Nutrition Guide:

This is a colorful nutrition guide that helps you identify the foods you want to get right away so you can begin eating the Super Brain diet.  


The Super Brain Program Manual:

The program manual goes into detail on the best brain building foods, advanced lifestyle strategies and nutritional supplements to live the Super Brain lifestyle.


The Super Brain Recipe Book:

In this recipe book we have 80 beautifully laid out recipes that follow the Super Brain diet principles. Most of these use simple ingredients and can be made in minutes. You will LOVE these recipes and many will be family favorites for years to come.


The Super Brain Meal Plan: 

This is the 30-day Super Brain meal plan. We interspace the 55 tasty recipes to give you a variety of pleasurable tastes so you never get bored on this plan. 


The Super Brain Training Guide:

In this guide, you will learn how to think like Leonardo Da Vinci to practicing advanced neurobic exercises to strengthen and balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. 

You will discover the areas of intelligence where you shine and those where you are lacking. Most importantly you will learn how to use everyday activities to strengthen weak areas and create a robust and balanced brain. 


The Super Brain Yoga Guide:

What if there was a simple exercise you could do that would improve your academic performance by 21%? 

There is and it is called Super Brain Yoga. This one exercise showed reduced frustration in students, improved class participation, lowered anxiety and fear, improved standardized test scores, and increased collaboration with peers. Teachers observed a significant shift in the student’s ability to show compassion, kindness, and generosity. In this guide, we show you EXACTLY how to perform this correctly.  


The NeuroTransmitter Questionairre:

This questionnaire will help you understand which of the 5 major neurotransmitter patterns you are struggling with so you can more specifically address these issues with the proper neurotransmitter strengthening protocol. 



Neurotransmitter Strengthening Protocols:

Many individuals spend their lives with less than adequate neurotransmitter production, causing them to settle for mediocrity in their lives. They may have mood swings, feel overly emotional, deal with brain fog and poor memory or lack motivation to do the things they need to do. 

These problems can be corrected and improved with natural health strategies and specific supplementation. This document goes over specific neurotransmitter strengthening strategies that will help you with that. 

The Adrenal Health Guide:

This guide is designed to help you understand how your body adapts to stress and teach you strategies to adapt more effectively. We know that the hallmark of a successful life and healthy aging is our ability to adapt to the demands of our environment. 

20 Advanced Healing Strategies:  

This guide goes over advanced healing strategies to improve your health. It explains how to do things such as oil pulling, grounding, dry brushing, Epsom salt baths, burst training and so much more! Strategies you can apply right at your home to dramatically improve your life and health! 


12 Strategies to Beat ADHD

This is a guide to understand the science of ADHD and natural strategies to overcome this condition naturally. This guide will help you and your children improve your focus, behavior and ability to concentrate. 

Video Library: 

40 high quality short videos breaking down all the aspects of following this program and having success. This includes 18 step-by-step recipe videos to guide you with the meal plan. 



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