Sugar Detox Program
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Sugar Detox Program

This digital program uses an anti-inflammatory nutrition program and teaches people how to shop and eat a healthy diet. This is our beginner program to help people get started with a healthy diet and lifestyle program. One of the key features is helping people overcome sugar cravings and have more energy and lose weight (if you are overweight). Scroll down to learn more about the Sugar Detox Health Restoration Program.

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Sugar Detox Program


What You Get with This Program:


Sugar Detox Quickstart Guide:

This quickstart guide is designed to help you get started immediately with the sugar detox diet. You can read this in minutes and start on your healing journey!!"


Sugar Detox Nutrition Guide:

This is a 2-page PDF that gives you a complete food list and key strategies to apply so you can get started immediately, even if you don’t have time to watch the videos and download the course material.


The Sugar Detox Manual:

We know that elevated blood sugar leads to hormonal imbalances, accelerated aging, brain degeneration, impaired immunity, weight gain and the progression of chronic disease. Over 80% of our society has a SERIOUS problem with blood sugar dysregulation

This is the program manual that discusses the best sugar alternatives, how to buffer blood sugar naturally to reduce inflammatory stress and advanced techniques to keep your blood sugar under control.


The Sugar Detox Recipe Book:

These 125 recipes are used on the Sugar Detox program. These recipes are designed to help you balance your blood sugar, improve your brain function and thrive in life. You will find breakfast options, smoothies, main courses, side dishes, snacks and beautiful dessert options. We recommend you use the highest quality ingredients when making these and any other dishes!  


Sugar Detox 30-Day Meal Plan:

You get a choice of 3 meal plans all laid out for you in an attractive and easy to follow format with page numbers that refer you to the recipes in the Supercharged recipe book.

The meal plans are based around your busy schedule, desire to cook and prepare food and your health goals. Based on your unique lifestyle, we have a plan you can use.


Sugar Detox Travel and Nutrition Guide:

Many of you have very busy schedules, we all travel at times and have periods where we are unable to prepare our own foods. This guide gives you great snack ideas with links and pictures of the food products you want to buy in various categories.

It also gives ideas to apply when you are traveling to eat and live as healthy as possible. You will get your money’s worth from this program just from this simple guide alone.


30+ Detailed Educational Videos:

We have over 20 videos in this program that show you great recipes, introduce you to healing foods and demonstrate key exercises and other strategies to be successful with this program.

Additionally, you will have lifetime access to this program and we will continue to add more content and make improvements. This includes additional educational webinars and recipe videos to continue to support you for a lifetime of abundant health.


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