ProbioCharge - 30 Billion CFU
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ProbioCharge - 30 Billion CFU ProbioCharge - 30 Billion CFU

ProbioCharge - 30 Billion CFU

ProbioCharge 30 Billion CFU supports and protects a healthy intestinal flora!

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Good health begins with the health of your gut. ProbioCharge is a great supplement to support intestinal ecology, cellular health and immunity!- Dr. Jockers

Let's discuss the key benefits of ProbioCharge - 30 Billion CFU:

Why choose ProbioCharge 30 Billion CFU

  • Food-based probiotic!
  • Helps to improve gut microbiome imbalance and digestion!
  • Ideal combination of ingredients to support gut flora, cellular health and immunity!

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ProbioCharge - 30 Billion CFU


If your gut is damaged or you have an abundance of pathogenic microorganisms it is impossible to be healthy. The gut must be addressed daily in order for one to live a lifestyle that builds health.

Imbalances in the intestinal terrain may lead to or contribute to the propagation of yeast overgrowth, parasites, and harmful bacterial growth. Introducing the right type of probiotic strains of microorganisms on a daily basis is a powerful way to regulate your gut health. This daily practice will improve your immune system, digestive system and help improve hormonal and brain health (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).


Your Gut is Alive:

There is thought to be about 500 different species of microrganisms within the gut. Many of the microorganisms in the human gut have yet to be characterized. The majority of the gut is made up of different forms of bacteria but there are also many forms of yeasts, single celled eukaryotes, helminth parasites and various different viruses.

Communities of microorganisms are located in every exposed area and cavity of the body. However, the gut provides a dark, moist environment with continuous supply of nutrition and so it is the optimal breeding ground for microbial life.

Microbial cells make up anywhere from three to six pounds of weight within the individual. The vast majority of these are beneficial and help metabolize food particles and form highly absorbable nutrients for the person to digest.


The Importance of Progenic Microbes:

This internal ecosystem is dependent upon certain beneficial species being widespread and in control. These symbiotic microbes are progenic in that they support life.

These organisms provide a protective barrier that guards the intestinal wall against pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and environmental toxins. These organisms also create anti-microbial substances that destroy pathogenic organisms. They are very powerful, natural antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals.

The health of the body and mind are especially dependent upon the health of the human microbiome. The ideal ratio of progenic to pathogenic microbes is thought to be 85:15.

Most Americans today have this ratio flipped in favor of the antagonistic microbial communities. This is called dysbiosis or bad bacterial balance. Dysbiotic conditions are due to the influence of environmental toxins that wipe out progenic species and create an environment conducive to parasitic growth.


Introducing ProbioCharge:

ProbioCharge is an ideal combination of ingredients for individuals seeking a well-rounded supplement to address intestinal ecology, cellular health, and immunity. It features well-researched probiotic strains; Saccharomyces boulardii, a non-pathogenic yeast; and arabinogalactan, a prebiotic. By combining these ingredients, the individual benefits of each component can be complemented by the mechanisms of the others.*







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