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ProEPA w/Conc GLA

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This is a supplement I personally take every day and I use this in my clinic for anyone that wants to optimize their health and improve their daily performance.- Dr. Jockers

Great product. No after taste. Great quality. - Maria

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ProEPA w/Conc GLA



850 EPA/ 220 DHA/ 257 GLA

Chronic inflammation at the cellular and system level is the major underlying factor in all chronic disease. Fatty acids play a very critical role in cellular health as they make up the cell membrane and have an intimate role in the hormonal responses throughout the body. The ideal ratio of essential omega 6 to omega 3 fats is critical to cellular health and systemic inflammatory levels.

Various researchers have found that the ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acids is anywhere between 1:1 – 4:1. The average American has a range around 16:1(1). This is due to diets that are high in commercialized meat and processed corn, soy, peanut, sunflower, cottonseed and canola oils. These foods are very high in omega-6 fats and low in omega-3 fats.

Research is clear that omega-3 fatty acids are key for good cardiovascular health (2) and brain function (3). They are also important for reducing symptoms of joint pain and immune dysfunction.



Types of Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

There are four distinct types of omega-3 fats that are differentiated based on the number of carbon atoms (C) they contain along with the number of double bonds (DB) they hold.

The cell membranes within the brain, spinal cord, & nervous system are especially dependent upon fluid based membranes for proper signaling and neurotransmitter dynamics. EPA & DHA with 5 and 6 double bonds are very critical players in healthy nervous system function. The brain is made up of 60% fat and 10-15% of that is DHA.

Optimal brain structure depends upon a healthy array of saturated fat and cholesterol on the membrane to hold the fluid based fats tight at the corners. Then a load of EPA & DHA in-between the solid structures to give it a great level of fluid mobility. A diet that is deficient in saturated fat, EPA, & DHA is very dangerous for the nervous system.

The body can and must convert ALA & DPA into the brain enhancing nutrients EPA & DHA if they are to be of any significant use in the body. This process depends upon the enzymatic systems within our liver. If we have any sort of liver toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, chronic diseases or infections our ability to effectively convert ALA into EPA & DHA will be significantly hampered (3).  


Fish Oil vs Vegetarian Sources:

Flax oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and green leafy veggies provide small chain ALA omega-3s. These are all good components to a healthy diet but most individuals will struggle with converting the ALA into EPA and DHA (4).

Blue-green algae sources provide small amounts of DHA which is much more preferable. For strict vegans the algae is definitely the best source of omega 3s. Fish oil provides significantly more of the powerful long-chain EPA and DHA in a highly bioavailable form and is therefore the best source of these critical fatty acids.  


Fish Oil vs Krill Oil:

Krill oil is a fantastic product and if you feel like you are getting good results with it than I recommend continuing with it. The quality is typically very good but there are some downsides to krill and that is why I recommend a high-quality fish oil over the krill.

Fish oil contains significantly more EPA and DHA per serving than krill. In order to get a similar amount of these key fats from krill oil you will have to take a much larger amount which will increase the overall cost. It will cost the consumer roughly three times more to get the same amount of EPA and DHA from krill as it will from a high quality, purified fish oil.

Krill also has a sustainability question as it is the foundation of the food chain for many oceanic species. Commercial krill harvesting has been banned in several major oceans and the implications of over-harvesting krill are devastating (5).  


Why Fish Oil:

Fish oil from clean waters is a superior source of omega 3 fatty acids because it is primarily the long-chain variety EPA and DHA. The fish oil should be purified of environmental toxins through a molecularly distillation process and tested to be safe and pure by a 3rd party lab. This is called a pharmaceutical grade and it should appear on the container.

The fish oil should be in the most absorbable triglyceride form that is easily digested and into the blood stream with minimal digestive energy. It should also be protected with fat soluble anti-oxidant extracts to prevent oxidation of the delicate long-chain fats.



The Importance of GLA:

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is a critical omega-6 fatty acid that can be found in borage oil, evening primrose oil, black current seed oil and hemp. Unlike other omega-6 fatty acids, GLA helps to control inflammation throughout the body when incorporated into the membranes of immune cells. Research has shown that GLA regulates the inflammatory “master molecule” nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB) and prevents it from switching on genes for inflammatory cytokines in the cell nuclei (6).

GLA has proven to support inflammatory diseases such as eczema, acne, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.  The best clinical dosage of GLA is 250 mg per day.


Why I Love ProEPA with Concentrated GLA:

This is by far the highest quality and best value fish oil supplement I have found due to its high levels of EPA, DHA and GLA. I personally have noticed huge benefits with my memory and emotional balance using this supplement.

I have also noticed less soreness after intense exercise and improvements in the dry skin and dandruff that I formerly had. I have also found this to be the most cost-effective way to get these powerful nutrients into our bodies with guaranteed purity and optimal absorption capacity.

This is a supplement I personally take every day and I use this in my clinic for anyone that wants to optimize their health and improve their daily performance.



This product gives us a fully purified form of high quality omega-3 EPA/DHA and GLA.  I recommend this product for healthier individuals who are just looking for general health maintenance and good performance.

The oil form contains 1 gram of EPA and DHA and 170mg of GLA. This definitely gives you the best bang for your dollar. The capsules provide the maintenance dosage of 0.5 grams of EPA/DHA and 70mg of GLA daily.  

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Maria Rodriguez
Excellent product

Great product. No after taste. Great quality.

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