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Fully activated HoloZymes reduce occasional gut related complaints including gas, bloating, loose stools, undigested foods, tummy pain, and cramping.


  • Eat more foods you love
  • Help reduce bloating and gas
  • Supports healthy blood glucose and uric acid levels

Digestive Enzymes are Critical to Health

Digestive enzymes are special molecules that speed up the breakdown of food into usable nutrients. And when properly activated, some of these enzymes are absorbed into the body and help support a healthy immune system.

Do you have any of these 5 risk factors that contribute to low digestive enzymes?

  • Low stomach acid
  • Not chewing properly
  • Stress
  • The Aging Process
  • Traumas (physical or emotional)

Why Choose HoloZyme:

Most customers feel the difference the same day. HoloZyme is:

  • Fast Acting
  • Patent Proven Formula
  • All Natural
  • Clinically Proven (6 studies)
  • No Fillers
  • 100% Effective Range pH 1.7- pH 11.0
  • Professional Grade
  • Non-GMO

HoloZyme™ is unique in its dosing in a few ways.  First, the capsules can be opened and sprinkled in food or drink.  Second, each person’s ideal dose is custom to their body.

Day 1-3 
Take two capsules per meal.

Days 4- 6 
Continue taking capsules with each meal and add two capsules at bedtime (on an empty stomach).  

Days 7-10 
Increase to four capsules per meal and four at bedtime. 

If you are still struggling with your digestion and inflammation, on Day 10 take six capsules per meal and six at bedtime. Consult your health professional for tips on how to help find your body's ideal dose.

Start slow and work your way up to these dosage guidelines.

Recommended Use:

Regular: 2 per meal 3x per day

Anti-Aging: 2 per meal 3x per day, 2 before bed

Banged up: 4 per meal 3x per day, 4 before bed

Flare up: 6 per meal 3x per day, 6 before bed

5 Rules of Taking HoloZyme™:

  1. Start slowly and only increase every 3 days
  2. Take with food for digestive support
  3. Take on an empty stomach for systemic support
  4. Take them every day with every meal and every night before bed
  5. Open the capsule if you have trouble swallowing

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