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HCL Guard+

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After much research I purchased this product. It has effectively resolved all of my post surgery digestive issues! Could not be more pleased!- Lynn

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HCL Guard+

Improve your bowel movements, soothe bloating, optimize digestion speed and create stronger hair. Unlike other stomach acid support, HCL Guard+™ has a prokinetic, Intrinsic Factor and healing herbs all in one holistic capsule.

Why is Stomach Acid Important?

Most people don’t know that a healthy stomach produces enough acid at each meal to be more acidic than battery acid. The human stomach is an amazing organ and needs the necessary acid to:

  • Begin the breakdown of your foods
  • Unfold “protein balls” so enzymes can do their work
  • Activate the protein enzyme, Pepsin
  • Liberate B12, calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals
  • Kill or sterilize incoming bugs that could harm us
  • Helps jumpstart peristalsis (digestive waves)
  • Signal the digestive hormone CCK to release bile salts and enzymes

Why Choose HCL Guard+?

HCL Guard+ is a biomimicking stomach support supplement designed to support each of the issues mentioned above, which makes us different from all the other supplements on the market. Until now, no one has attempted to holistically support the entire stomach.

Here’s What the HCL Guard+ Advanced Biomimicking Formula Does:

  • Supports healthy inflammation levels
  • Helps improve nutrient digestion and therefore energy metabolism
  • Improves skin, hair, nails, and moods by optimizing amino acid digestion
  • Supports bodies self defenses against bad bugs
  • Helps repair the mucus layer and stomach cells
  • Helps to stimulate the stomach muscles to move food properly through the body
  • Helps regulate digestion speed issues

 Recommended Use:

How to Do an HCL Challenge...

Pioneered by Dr. Jonathan Wright and various Naturopathic Doctors the HCL challenge is simple and works like this:

  • You take one (1) capsule with your standard lunch or dinner
  • If you don’t notice anything, increase to two (2) capsules at your next major meal
  • If you still don’t notice anything, increase to three (3) capsules at your next major meal
  • If you don’t notice anything yet again, increase to four (4) capsules at your next major meal
  • You should keep adding one (1) capsule at each meal until you NOTICE something
NOTICE something means:
  • Your digestive complaints normalize and you feel really good! If this is the case, stay at this number of pills per meal
  • You feel a hotness or burning sensation (take ½ teaspoon of baking soda to get rid of this sensation) and use one (1) less capsule for your ideal dosage
  • You notice an increase in loose stools (this happens to 30% of people) take one less capsule for your ideal dosage
  • If you take one (1) capsule and you feel hotness or pain, the HCL Guard+ isn’t right for you and we’ll gladly refund you. Just email us at
  • Most of our customers report taking 2-6 capsules per meal
  • Don’t take unless you eat 10 grams of vegetable or animal protein
  • Don’t take if you have active ulcers, gastritis, or are taking prescription steroid medications

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