Glutathione Boost
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Glutathione Boost Glutathione Boost

Glutathione Boost

Glutathione is a key factor in the liver's natural detoxification function!

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Glutathione delivered via liposomes bypasses degradation in the GI tract and is absorbed much more effectively and efficiently by the body.- Dr. Jockers

Let's discuss the key benefits of Glutathione Boost:

Supports healthy cell function

  • Glutathione aids in neutralizing toxins and support a healthy immune function!
  • Most protective antioxidant produced by the body!
  • Glutathione helps protect cells against oxidative stress!
  • Liposomes allows for the glutathione to be absorbed much more effectively!

I had an autoimmune GUILLIAN BARRE Syndrome years ago. My body requires MORE of EVERYTHING! So I upped the dose 3 squirts first thing AM & 3 before bed. It takes ahold & calms the pain/inflammation. - Lin

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Glutathione Boost


Glutathione is a crucial molecule synthesized inside every cell in the human body. It is composed of three amino acids (glutamine, cysteine and glycine), and is found in the highest levels in the liver, eyes, spleen, pancreas and kidneys.

Glutathione is a key factor in the liver’s natural detoxification function, helping to bind heavy metals, neutralize toxins and support healthy immune function. It is also the single most protective antioxidant produced by the body and is therefore the most important for protecting cells against oxidative stress from dietary and environmental free radicals as well as those resulting from normal metabolic processes.

Why Liposomal Glutathione?

Oral glutathione supplements typically present challenges with regard to absorption and ability to sufficiently increase the body’s glutathione levels. Because it is made of amino acids, glutathione administered orally is subject to degradation in the GI tract. (Stomach acid could potentially render it inactive by denaturing it, the way it does naturally during the digestion of proteins.)

Glutathione delivered via liposomes bypasses degradation in the GI tract and is absorbed much more effectively and efficiently by the body.

Benefits of Liposomal Delivery 



As a dietary supplement, take 1 mL (approx. 2 pumps) and hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Since the very small size of the liposome particles allows for some absorption to take place right away, it is recommended to hold the product in the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

This product has a a taste that is not citrus or peppermint. Is that normal? Yes! Ethanol is essential in liposomal stability and this is what is you can taste. It prevents degradation in the oral cavity and it is a major aspect of the preservation system preventing the use of less beneficial preservatives. 

Where Is the ethanol sourced from? The amount is less than 25% and it is sourced from non-GMO cane sugar. It is fermented, then distilled and tested allergen free.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Marnie McAvoy
Glutathione boost

Very effective at boosting, memory and confidence as a result

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