Autoimmune Elimination Program
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Autoimmune Elimination Program

This digital program uses a strict elimination diet with food reintroduction protocols and strategies to restore stomach acid, heal adrenal fatigue and support the thyroid and gallbladder. It is perfect as lifestyle support for anyone with chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia, etc. Scroll down to learn more about the Autoimmune Elimination Program.

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Autoimmune Elimination Program



What You Get with this Program:


The AutoImmune Elimination Quickstart Guide

This Quickstart Guide will give you a full overview and action steps to take immediately. Can be read and understood in 10 mins or less!


The AutoImmune Elimination Quickstart Nutrition Guide

This is the Quickstart nutrition program for the elimination diet that gives you a colorful shopping guide so you can get the foods you need to get started immediately!




The AutoImmune Elimination Program Manual

This is the manual for the program that walks you through the key factors involved with auto-immunity and chronic inflammation and how to reduce inflammation naturally using the elimination diet, lifestyle and supplement strategies.




The AutoImmune Elimination Program Recipe Book

In this recipe book we have 70 beautifully laid out recipes that follow the elimination diet principles. Most of these use simple ingredients and can be made in minutes. You will LOVE these recipes and many will be family favorites for years to come.




The AutoImmune Elimination Meal Plan:

This is the 6 week elimination diet meal plan. We interspace the 50 tasty recipes to give you a variety of pleasurable tastes so you never get bored on this plan. 




6 Week Food Elimination Health Journal: 

This is designed to help you track key health indicators such as energy levels, pain levels, quality of bowel movements, brain function, etc. It also allows you to reflect on what foods may be irritating your system and what is supporting it.




20 Advanced Healing Strategies

This guide goes over advanced healing strategies to improve your health. It explains how to do things such as oil pulling, castor oil packs, dry brushing, Epsom salt baths, coffee enemas and so much more! Strategies you can apply right at your home to dramatically improve your life and health!




The Adrenal Health Guide:

This guide is designed to help you understand how your body adapts to stress and teach you strategies to adapt more effectively. We know that the hallmark of a successful life and healthy aging is our ability to adapt to the demands of our environment. 




The Stomach Acid Guide for Optimal Digestion:

Low stomach acid is one of the biggest problems for individuals with autoimmune, adrenal fatigue and chronic inflammatory issues. This guide helps you navigate through how to improve your stomach acid naturally. 




The Guide to a Healthy Gallbladder:

In this E-booklet you will learn how poor gallbladder function and sluggish bile flow may be the major cause of a number of your health problems.

You will also learn how to optimize your bile flow and improve the health of your liver and gallbladder so you can reduce your microbial load, improve your digestion and nutrient absorption and live life with more energy and vitality.




The Pulse BioFeedback PDF:

This 2 page PDF gives you a step-by-step guide in how to measure your sensitivity and stress response to various foods at the comfort of your home without lab testing or medical equipment.




Autoimmune Elimination Quiz

The goal of this quiz is to find out if we have mild, moderate or severe digestive and/or autoimmune issues. 




Video Library:  

40 high quality short videos breaking down all the aspects of following this program and having success. This includes 18 step-by-step recipe videos to guide you with the meal plan. 


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