Organic Probiotics Once Daily
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Organic Probiotics Once Daily Organic Probiotics Once Daily Organic Probiotics Once Daily Organic Probiotics Once Daily Organic Probiotics Once Daily Organic Probiotics Once Daily Organic Probiotics Once Daily

Organic Probiotics Once Daily

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Organic Probiotics Once Daily

First of Its Kind →Featuring a unique blend of Organic Shiitake Mushroom, Organic Turmeric and hearty SBO’s, this formula is a convenient once daily Probiotic that packs a punch!

This product contains powerful soil based, spore forming probiotics bacillus coagulans and bacillus subtilis to help reshape the microbiome. The product also has prebiotic inulin and organic turmeric and shitake mushroom to help improve gut health and support healthy inflammation processes.

Probiotics mean “for life,” and are friendly “good guy” bacteria which can provide health benefits when consumed—whether in probiotic-rich foods or through dietary supplementation.

Organic Probiotics Ingredients:

Bacillus coagulans: The beneficial bacteria called Bacillus coagulans is one tough and prolific soil-based organism (SBO) probiotic.

Soil-based organisms, also known as SBOs, are bacteria that live in the soil to provide
nutrients and health support for plants, and research suggests they support similar functions for human health. Soil-based organisms are often hardier than other forms of probiotics, since they don’t require refrigeration (meaning they’re “shelf stable”) or any special handling and can better survive the journey through the stomach to the intestines than many other probiotics.

Bacillus subtilis: Another SBO probiotic, this bacteria is naturally found in the environment and plants. Due to the environment in which they reside, they are hardy and typically have an evolved array of survival tactics.

Prebiotics: Most people have heard of “probiotics,” which are the “good guy” healthy bacteria in our bodies. Prebiotics, though, act as “fertilizer” for probiotics and are typically non-digestible fiber compounds that help probiotics thrive.

Shiitake Mushroom: In Japanese, shiitake literally means tree (“shii”) mushroom (“take’), referring to the tree on which these amazing mushrooms originally grew. Shiitake mushrooms generally also feature compounds which have the natural ability to support a healthy immune system.

Turmeric: With a long track record (over 4,000 years) of health benefits, turmeric has been known for supporting many aspects of health. The yellow or orange pigment of turmeric, called curcumin, is considered the primary driver of the health benefits of turmeric.

Why Choose True Immunity Organics?

True Immunity Organics is committed to sustainability and regenerative agriculture from organic farming in the United States!

True Immunity Organics supports goals to be carbon negative, support regenerative farming, reduce plastic waste, collect and bank heirloom, native and exotic seeds and support non-profit organizations.

When you buy a product from True Immunity Organics, you are also supporting local and truly sustainable agriculture! The farm is certified organic and non-GMO, home to over 100 plant varieties to increase biodiversity and native pollination, located on top of a natural aquifer.

A local university tests the soil THREE times each year!

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