Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily
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Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily

Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily

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Organic Ashwagandha Once Daily

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that traditionally has been used to help the body adapt to fight the effects of stress, including the stress hormone cortisol.

Simultaneously, ashwagandha has been able to help balance cortisol and DHEA. (DHEA is often referred to as a healthy aging hormone.) As an added bonus, ashwagandha has positive effects on overall body health, including sleep, energy, joints, one’s outlook, concentration and much more.

This product uses a highly bioavailable form of fermented ashwagandha and helps your body resist and recover from the effects of everyday stress. This formula is used to support healthy cortisol levels, help alleviate occasional fatigue, promote mental clarity, and support relaxation and restful sleep.

Why Choose True Immunity Organics?

True Immunity Organics is committed to sustainability and regenerative agriculture from organic farming in the United States!

True Immunity Organics supports goals to be carbon negative, support regenerative farming, reduce plastic waste, collect and bank heirloom, native and exotic seeds and support non-profit organizations.

When you buy a product from True Immunity Organics, you are also supporting local and truly sustainable agriculture! The farm is certified organic and non-GMO, home to over 100 plant varieties to increase biodiversity and native pollination, located on top of a natural aquifer.

A local university tests the soil THREE times each year!

What Is Regenerative Farming?

No-Till Farming:

When soil is plowed, carbon rises to the soil’s surface and provides nutrients for crops - temporarily. But as the soil carbon is exposed to oxygen, it transforms into carbon dioxide and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. No- or low-till farming minimizes soil disturbance, which helps keep carbon in the soil.

Natural Grazing:

Pasturing increases soil health, insect diversity and carbon sequestration – as well as promoting animal welfare.

Cover Crops & Crop Rotations:

Cover crops are used to slow erosion, improve soil health, and increase biodiversity. These crops can sequester huge amounts of atmospheric carbon by creating activity in the soil - and the roots of cover crops help feed organisms like bacteria, fungi and earthworms, which increases soil carbon levels over time.

Recommended Usage

Normal Dosage: 1 cap daily with or without food.

Advanced Dosage: 1 cap, 2 times daily with or without food.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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