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Keto Edge is a powerful blend of exogenous ketones (in the form of beta-hydroxybutyrate salts) and a patented American ginseng extract, delivered in a delicious and easy-to-dose powdered drink mix. This formula is intended to support healthy cognitive function, sharp focus and mental acuity.


The beta-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB) in Keto Edge delivers quick, long-lasting energy support in a healthier way than sugary snacks and drinks. It contains no sugar, no carbs, no caffeine, guarana or taurine. 

American Ginseng is noted for supporting healthy cognition and helping to bolster the brain’s resilience in the face of occasional stress. It may help support healthy levels of neurotransmitters involved in memory and learning as well as support maintenance of healthy synapses, which are the connections between individual neurons and are where chemical messages are transmitted and received.

Keto Friendly

It is a fast-acting, readily available, carbohydrate-free fuel source for muscle and brain, yielding immediate and sustained energy fuel. Keto Edge also contains citric acid and malic acid, and Krebs cycle intermediates which may help facilitate mitochondrial energy generation.

This product offers the benefits of elevated ketones without the carbohydrate restriction and is a delicious mango-orange flavor.  


Why Keto Edge?

KetoEdge is a revolutionary product designed for the high achiever who wants to improve their health and get the most out of life.  Our proprietary formula of exogenous ketones, adaptogens, amino acids and phospholipids will help you get an edge in life. 


Energy and Performance: 

KetoEdge helps you to have incredible energy and mental clarity in order to perform at whatever it is you are doing at an extraordinary level!

Fat Burning:

KetoEdge improves the body’s ability to burn fat, build lean body tissue and take on an optimal physique.

Enhanced Fitness:

KetoEdge improves the development of muscle tissue, oxygen extraction, muscular endurance and recovery from intense training sessions.

Brain Function:

KetoEdge helps the brain to function at a higher level, improving mental clarity, cognitive processing speed, mood and memory.

Stress Adaptation

KetoEdge improves the body’s ability to resist the detrimental elements of stress and adapt effectively, balancing the bodies physiology to recover from intense periods of stress. 

Anti-Oxidant Support

KetoEdge is full of powerful antioxidants that help to modulate the immune response, supporting the bodies resilience against immune challenges. 


Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, mix 18 grams (approx. one scoop) in 10-12 ounces of water per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.


How I Use This Product

This product is designed to help you with intermittent fasting or as a pre-workout or to give you an energy and mental clarity boost before a big performance.

Fasting:  Fasting has extraordinary anti-inflammatory and tissue healing benefits.  However, many people struggle with fasting.  I will recommend my clients use this as a replacement for a meal, which gives my body a boost, making it easier to fast and helps individuals who are just getting started with keto adaptation.

Pre-Workout:  I LOVE using this product as a pre-workout drink.  I can noticeably feel the combination of ingredients give me more energy, strength and endurance.  I feel better in the gym and recover from my training significantly better with less soreness and more energy the next day. 

Mental Boost:  I do a lot of speaking events and other stressful activities that depend upon high performance from me.  This product helps me feel on top of my game and ready for super high performance in my professional life and helps me have plenty of energy left over to be a great husband to my wife and father to my children. 


Common Concerns

  • Keto Edge is Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Non-GMO


100% Secure Payments & Shipping 100% Secure
Payments & Shipping
60 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee 60 Day No-Hassle
Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping On Orders $49 & Up Free Shipping
On Orders $49 & Up
All Supplements are Gluten-Free & GMO-Free All Supplements are
Gluten-Free & GMO-Free