Clearance Sale!

Dr. Jockers New Prodcut Line

As you may know, we are discontinuing a lot of our previous inventory since I am now able to formulate my own products.
As a final discount, we will be offering 10% Off on our remaining stock for all of the products listed below.
*Note, many of the following products are no longer available for purchase on our website. If the product is linked to a product page, you can use the coupon "10off" to receive the discount when ordering online.
If you wish to order at the discounted rate for products not listed online, call us at 855.474.0980 to redeem your 10% Off Coupon

Remaining Discontinued Inventory
Call-In Only
    1. Prosta-DHT - 4 left in stock
    2. Rena-Zyme - 3 left in stock
    3. HemeVite - 8 left in stock

Available Online
  1. Vitamin Code RAW Women's Formula - 12 left in stock
  2. Vitamin Code RAW Men's Formula - 11 left in stock
  3. Vitamin Code RAW 50 & Wiser Women - 2 left in stock
  4. Vitamin Code RAW 50 & Wiser Men - 11 left in stock
  5. Perfect Food® Alkalizer & Detoxifier - 3 left in stock
  6. Wobenzym N 100 Tablets - 13 left in stock
  7. Wobenzym N 400 Tablets - 13 left in stock
  8. Wobenzym N 800 Tablets - 8 left in stock